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The Nagle Education Alliance of Australia Inc (NEAA) is an organisation of schools committed to the Presentation Charism and the legacy of Nano Nagle. It developed from an earlier, smaller grouping of schools (known as the National Presentation Principals Group – NPPG) and, with expanded membership, was launched and incorporated in 2013.

The NEAA believes that the Presentation charism has lasting value.  The continued relevance of the Nano Nagle story is an inspiration for Presentation People to make a difference in their world and in the way, we live the Gospel. 

As a not for profit organisation we work to bring Australian schools together that were started by the Presentation Sisters and foster one of the ministries at the very core of Nano’s work in Cork, Ireland in the 1770’s, that being education.

Child Safe standards

The Nagle Education Alliance of Australia (NEAA) has a common expectation for the protection of children. It is committed to ensuring that all those engaged in activities of the NEAA, promote the dignity of all students, and their fundamental right to be respected and nurtured in a safe environment. All adults involved in the work of the NEAA have a shared responsibility to provide students with a safe and secure environment wherever our activities are undertaken in Australia.

“I can assure you my schools are beginning to be of service to a great many parts of the world.”

Nano Nagle

What we do

The NEAA undertakes a number of activities to bring Presentation people together, among them:

  • a biennial Schools Staff Conference;
  • a biennial secondary Schools Student Leadership Conference;
  • member webinars for both staff and students,
  • the development, promotion and circulation of resources relating to the charism and mission of the Presentation Sisters and Nano Nagle;
  • the sharing of resources relating to specific areas of activity in schools including induction, formation, leadership; social justice initiatives; primary and secondary resources
  • a biennial pilgrimage to Ireland for people in positions of leadership in NEAA schools;
  • the organisation of particular initiatives that can support the aims of the NEAA, such as a national Nagle Prize for students in member schools.
  • In-school tailor-designed professional learning opportunities