2018 Nagle Prize

To recognise 300 years since the birth of Nano Nagle primary students designed an image for a key ring and secondary students designed an image for a lapel pin. The winning entry in each category was used to produce commemorative items for purchase by schools. The winning designs are shown on the scrolling banner on the NEAA homepage. Orders for the commemorative items are now closed.

Past Nagle Prize competitions

The Nagle Prize was instituted by the former National Presentation Principals Group in 2013, as an essay competition open to students in Years 9 and 10.

In 2014, the NEAA again organised the competition as an essay competition for secondary students, and extended it to include an Art Prize for primary school students.

In 2015, the Nagle Prize took the form of a short film competition for secondary students.

In 2016, students were asked to design a poster to celebrate the value 'Compassion' in Presentation schools.

In 2017, primary students created an art piece to show how "How Nano Nagle inspires us to care for God’s earth" and secondary students created a slam poem to show "How Nano Nagle inspires us to live out the Presentation values of simplicity, compassion and hospitality".

Details and prize winning entries can be found under the tags 'Nagle Essay Prize'; 'Nagle Junior Art Prize'; and 'NagleFest Prize'.