Biennial Pilgrimage to Ireland

The NEAA organises a pilgrimage of staff from NEAA schools  every two years to Ireland to visit the birthplace and workplaces and significant  sites  of Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters.  The pilgrims visit the "Mother Houses" of their schools to connect the present with the past.


The  pilgrimage is a journey inward as well as outward. Pilgrims seek to strengthen and renew their faith through travel.  Our working definition of pilgrimage is a transformative journey to a sacred centre.  That’s what makes being a pilgrim different from being a tourist. For a tourist, travel is an end in itself. For a pilgrim, travel is a means to an end. Pilgrims travel with a clear intention, to draw closer to God. They make their journey with a heightened expectation.

Upon their return, Pilgrims provide a report of their journey; those from 2102 and 2014 you can access below.









2014 Pilgrimage Report  2014 Pilgrimage Report (22 KB)  

2012 Pilgrimage Report  2012 Pilgrimage Report (333 KB)