Student and Staff Exchanges                                                                                                                                          

The NEAA organises a programme of exchanges between NEAA member schools across Australia.  The NEAA matches interested schools and schools then negotiate between themselves the appropriate programme for both the students and the staff who exchange.  The usual format for the exchange is for one school to send its students and staff to the other school at one period of time, and then a reciprocal visit organised by the host school.   


These exchanges have proven to be highly successful in the past, with great engagement by the students with each other and learnings about schools in other settings.  Staff have a valuable opportunity to engage in Professional Learning and to share knowledge and experience with staff from other Presentation schools.

In 2015, exchanges involved students from Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

Photos show Iona Presentation College (WA) students at Star of the Sea College (Vic) ; Star students at Iona; and St Mary's College (Tas) students at St Rita's College (Qld) .