NEAA Presentation Schools Conference

The NEAA Presentation Schools Student Leadership Conference is a biennial Conference open to Year 10 students in all NEAA schools in Australia.

The 2016 Student Conference was held at Avila College in Melbourne from Wednesday August 10 to Friday August 12, 2016.  

Feedback from previous Conferences has been extremely positive.  A report from some students who attended the 2014 Yeppoon Conference is attached below, along with a photograph of the participants.

Report from the 2014 Student Conference Yeppoon  Report from the 2014 Student Conference Yeppoon (67 KB)  


Conference Aims

For Students

Increased knowledge of the Presentation history and charism
Increased understanding of the application of Presentation values in contemporary situations
Increased self-identification as ‘Presentation people’
Development of student friendships and networks between Presentation schools
Enhanced leadership potential
Commitment to some form of action arising from Conference participation

For Schools

Enlivenment of Presentation charism among student body
Enhanced leadership potential of student participants
Opportunities for staff development through relevant presentations and/or workshops for staff at Conference
Staff networking among Presentation schools


Student Conference: Staffing Protocols  Student Conference: Staffing Protocols (72 KB)  
  NEAA Protocols for Staffing of NEAA Student Conferences. For the information of members.